Thursday, November 7, 2013

Product Picks for a showstopping Eye

From Everyday, to Runway, Redcarpet or TV...My kit is a mix of all things beauty from all different brands. Yet,with every face I doll up I always turn to add a touch of my favorite & classic Brand
L'Oreal Paris
The smokey eye has been a staple for any women's makeup routine. You can pump it up or soften it down & it can still work for every woman! Giving you a sultry, smoldering or classic eye...
is a universal shade that works on every skin tone. Beautiful in the center of the lid and blended out, compliments the Smokey eye with a hint of bronze & pewter.
TIP: Apply wet to create a foil/metallic look 

Top lashes with L'Oreal's Butterfly Mascara to stretch out the lashes with ultimate length & Volume.
ESPN's Antonieta Collins Twitter:@CollinsDeportes

How to create smoke:
To create the "smoke" within in the eye be sure to blend and build your shades, no harsh defined lines, have your shades fade into one another. Start with medium tones and build your darkest into the eye last & as needed...Blend out the edges. For underneath the eye use a creamy pencil or gel liner that can be easily smudged. Apply generously under the eye, smudge with a smudge brush, q-tip or even your finger. Give a clean smoke by using a setting powder or lighter eyeshadow shade to blend out the edges and set to avoid creasing.
Compliment the Look with a soft lip. L'Oreals Infallible Lip in 'Perennial Pink'

Excess Volume for your lashes

Mascara can be your best friend or your most annoying one when it doesn't give you the results you were hoping for! Every week Im trying new mascaras and always using my fellow makeup artist friends as guinea pigs to give my the "truth" about what they love! Our new Favorite...
Its Bolder, you lashes you never knew you had!
Each bristle on the brush grabs each lash, separating, defining and expanding giving you Excess Volume!
What I LOVE about the Voluminous family? 
They provide clean definition with long wear and not flaking! And if you're a mascara lover you can build away, each stroke builds & adheres to the you about 30 strokes per serving
Fun fact: The average woman does 30 strokes per eye- How many do you do?!
Dramatic Transformation: Excess vs. a natural eye

Try Excess Mascara & share your transformations. Your lashes will thank you!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

5 minute Miracle, Change the life of your hair

I recently was in Miami for a huge activation for 
L'Oreal Paris NEW Advanced Haircare Launch
It was a L'Oreal takeover with 2 event setups at the Miami International Airport & in Coral Gables for the Spanish street Festival...
It allowed beauty lovers to have their hair analyzed & get up close and personal with our 50x magnification Hair Scope. People were amazed to be able to have an in depth look at their hair. To see split ends, breakage, color change, sheen, dehydration...there was nothing hiding from that scope!!!
The result? Finding which Advanced Haircare Module would be best suited for their Hair. Walking away with their own sample...
One of the biggest concerns I found is dehydration and split ends. As we hop into spring we're finding our hair is in recovery mode from the stressful winter. Therefore its important to nourish, repair & strengthen the hairs fibers...
L'Oreal Paris has equipped their Advanced Haircare line with a patent ingredient called Arginine K complex; built of amino acids & protein strengthening the hair fiber from root, to core, to tip. 

Here is one of my favorite products from the entire Line. I call it the 5 minute miracle for your Hair

Leave in for 3-5 min and rinse. Infused with Ceramide to nourish & Act as "Hair glue" repairing the hair fibers & smoothing back into the core . Erasing balm will 
repair up to 1 year of damage in 1 use!!! 
Targeting all areas of weakness, roughness, dullness, dehydration and split ends!!!!

Beauty Tip
Use as a leave in treatment when hitting the pool or beach. After a long day in the sun, rinse out and hair will be conditioned, nourished and protected!

To Check out what other products can Benefit your hair visit Advanced Haircare

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bridal Beauty on the Upper East Side

If you're a Bride you have a million details to plan...Venue, Photographer, Dress, Hair.....

L'Oreal Paris Pro Team Artist  
was working her magic & giving Brides her Signature Eye at 
L'Oreal Paris Cathedral in the Upper East Side of NYC. 
Brandy choose the perfect Long wear products to last throughout a busy Brides schedule...
From L'Oreal Paris True Match Lumi Foundation for a gorgeous glow, to Infallible 24hr wear eyeshadow & Le Rouge 10hr Lip Color... 
Our Bride Ashley was ready for her BIG DAY!!!

Visit Brandy's WEBSITE to see more of her Gorgeous Brides!

A JLO Makeover

When you have the chance to take an everyday woman from Long Island and give her a  
JLo Makeover...
It reminds you why you do what you do!!!!

My day started at 7:30 am, my destination

The energy was high knowing the beautiful & talented  
Jennifer Lopez
was in the dressing room a few doors down!!! 
Cindy, the lucky audience member chosen to receive a JLo Makeover, arrived excited & eager to get pampered by the L'Oreal Paris Pro Team...she shouted 

"Nothing like this ever happens to someone like me. 
Im just a mother from Long Island!"

My favorite L'Oreal Paris products were laid out and the oh so fabulous Mirna Jose was ready to give Cindy an Ever Sleek style!

Below are my picks for Cindy to create her own JLo Glow....

Prep using Magic Lumi Primer**True Match Lumi Foundation**True Match Blush in Sweet Ginger(Used as a Bronzer)** True Match Blush in Baby Blossom for Highlight
Infallible eyeshadow in Bronzed Taupe**Studio Secrets Professional HIP Shadow in Dashing**Infallible Gel Liner in Blackest Black
Le Rouge #112** Le Gloss in Nude Touch

Other Artist Tips to get that JLO GLOW

Try True Match Naturale All-over Mineral Glow 
Dust all over or just in the cheeks to give a natural glow
Be resourceful & work with what you may already have in your makeup bag...If you want to achieve those gorgeous dewy cheeks & dont have a glow on hand- turn to your  lip color!
 Try L'Oreal Paris Colour Caresse  in Sheer Linen....
dab a little onto a beauty sponge & press into the cheekbones, forehead, nose & chin for a all over glow


Check out Cindy's Makeover HERE